CmdSrc Code Release [Advanced Snapshot]



The fully commented command source for TSG_Snapshot.cmd
is now available. This is the Advanced Version of Snapshot,
a "Mounted Script" that uses only native NT commands to
perform it's task. It is completely FREE, and now the
cmdsrc is also FREE. Snapshot is included with the FREE
Advanced NT/2K/XP/K3 Command Library from See
( for details.


One of the biggest challenges you will face when writing shell
scripts (also called "batch files") is learning the many
inconsistencies and "special cases" associated with each
NT-based platform. While the NT/2K/XP/K3 shell scripting
environment is MUCH more powerful than DOS or Windows 95/98/ME,
the lack of certain "basic" features can cause much Fuming.

In addition, many environments prohibit third-party tools due
to security and/or stability concerns. Whether you agree or
disagree with this policy, it is a reality that Windows
SysAdmins, as well as Consultants and Integrators, have to
deal with every day.

And finally, many tools (free or otherwise) provide the same
functionality that is ALREADY AVAILABLE in a default install.
The reason that they are widely used is because getting the
information that you want, packaged in a way you can use,
using only the builtin utilities, is SUCH A FUMING CHORE!


The Command Library provides hundreds of resources to aid
in script writing and documentation, and uses only the
"builtin" commands and utilities that are present on
ALL INSTALLATIONS of all NT-based operating systems
including Windows NT4 SP6a+, 2000, XP and Server 2003.

Everything is contained within a single file which can
be used locally or from a network share, a USB device,
or even a floppy disk (yes, it fits). A standard syntax
is used to allow a single code base for self-documenting
cross-platform shell scripts. Think of it as an API
(Application Programming Interface) for batch files.

One important feature in the library is the Mount/\Command.
This is an optimized and compressed "one-line script" that
is stored in an environment variable under a "sounds like
what it does" name.

The Advanced Library is available free for personal or
commercial use, and the Expert Library is just $9 or less.
Try one today and...

Congratulations on your decision to
Rise Above
The Rest!


| Write code ONCE | Make it clear | THEN...Make it fast! |
400+ command-line resources using ONLY native NT commands!


Thank you for your advertisement - I'll be sure to ignore
it the first chance I get.

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