Cluster Size versus Performance


R. McCarty

While I wouldn't globally advocate changing from the default
4KByte cluster size, there are cases where it has it's advantages.

Read the following from NTFS.Com and note the comment from
the site...

""The bigger the cluster size, the more disk space is wasted,
however, the performance is better.""

HOWEVER - You should not change the XP partition from 4K
or you'll loose the ability for compression and SP2 based XP
instances will NOT boot from a Non 4KByte cluster size. It's
not by design, but a flaw in the parsing of attributes that span file
records. At boot you'll likely see an I/O failure, if the Cluster size
has been changed from 4KBytes

Gerry Cornell

Thanks for posting the link.

Guess it might be the time for some experimentation <g>.





Stourport, Worcs, England
Enquire, plan and execute.

R. McCarty

It's another one of those "Debatable" settings. I wouldn't want
someone to just arbitrarily change their cluster size and end up
damaging the partition or loose any data.
I use large clusters on my dedicated Music partition and that
Maxtor external, but everything else is the standard 4KByte size.
It does generally increase performance (File access & defrag)
but it's not for every situation or disk setup. If you do change or
experiment, post back your results/conclusions.

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