Cleanup after XP SP2 Install



Installed SP2 on a WinXP Pro PC. So far all seems OK.
However, after the install (done through Automatic Updates),
I now have the following huge directories:

C:\Internet Logs - 155MB
C:\ServicePackFiles - 501MB
C:\SoftwareDistribution - 527MB
C:\"My Profile"\Temp - 750MB

....And SP2 $Uninstall$ files - 331MB

That's close to 2.5GB of drive space! Geez. Was that really necessary?
I will delete the Temp files, clean out the Internet Logs folder and
maybe delete the ...$Uninstall$ files (I know it's the SP2 uninstall) ... what else
can I delete? Are the C:\ServicePackFiles and C:\SoftwareDistribution folders OK to delete?


Sorry... those are in C:\Windows\

C:\Windows\Internet Logs - 155MB
C:\Windows\ServicePackFiles - 501MB
C:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution - 527MB

Yves Leclerc

I know that C:\Windows\ServicePackFiles are used whenever Windows File
Protection "replaces" a core system file. If the system file had been
change, it will look in this directory. Also, whenever you select "sfc" to
repair corrupt or missing Windows files, it will use this directory.


windows\internet logs\ is a zone alarm folder.

the tvdebug.log file can sometimes get large, and can be deleted.

the .rdb and .ldb files you need, if you delete them you'll lose the list
of programs that have been allowed/disallowed.

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