Clean Epson heads for 1Ec error code?



Found an Epson Stylus Photo 825 sitting on a curb.

Brought it home & found it displays a 1Ec error code.

I've been using strictly HP printers, with printheads on the ink
cartridges, for decades, and I'm not familiar with Epsons.

Googled around & found many posts about cleaning the Epson heads with
ammonia solution or Windex with ammonia.

Should I bother trying to clean the heads for a 1Ec error code?

Is there any chance that cleaning the heads would revive this printer?

(The installed cartridges are non-Epson.)




Have you tried replacing the color cartridge?

Install the printer and status monitor and see if the color ink is low.


Thanks, but I found it sitting on a curb, .... I'm not going to start
off by spending money on it :)

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