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We have a Cisco VPN 3005 gateway at work.

Our remote access clients use the Cisco VPN Client 4.0.5.
Clients are Win XP Pro until now - a Dell Laptop
with Windows Vista. We tried to install the Cisco VPN
client 4.0.5 but it doesn't work. I logged in to Cisco
support site and downloaded a beta version which
supposed to work in Vista. We installed it but it
doesn't work. I get the login screen after the
gateway is contacted but I get the error which says
"Reason 435: Firewall Policy Mismatch.".
The explanation is "The client did not match the
firewall policy configured on the central site VPN device.
Cisco Systems Integrated Client Firewall should be
enabled or installed on your computer."

What do I do to overcome this error?

Thanks in advance.

Anando [MVP]


This issue seems to arise due to the policy settings on the Cisco VPN
concentrators requiring a firewall on the client. Since the beta version
(atleast till build 90) did not have a firewall, the error message seemed to
pop-up. You can probably adjust the policy settings on the VPN.

You can get some more unofficial information about this scenario on the
following webpage:

If your organisation has a CCO account with Cisco, you should be able to get
hold of build 320, which is the RC version of the VPN client. Give that a

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Dale White

Though it may not help much, I'm successfully using version 5.0 build 90.
Though I don't think they have any client limits on the VPN server side
where I connect

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