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Hi All,
I need your advice, since I'm a programmer of windows forms for some
times, but never had any real experience in web applications.

I need to design a new system for web purposes, but I don't know which
technology and/or design pattern is the best for me.

I need to design a web site, which can process a large amount of
user's simultaneously.
The purpose of the site is to give real time quotes and statistics data
to online registered users.

I thought of taking the ASP.NET 2 as my platform, but I can't find any
good resource that deal with this kind of traffic.

I will appreciate a good reference.



Hi Shesh,

Visual Studio .NET allows you to create applications that leverage the power
of the World Wide Web.
This includes everything from a traditional Web site that serves HTML pages,
to fully featured business
applications that run on an intranet or the Internet, to sophisticated
business-to-business applications
providing Web-based components that can exchange data using XML.

ASP.NET is a platform - including design-time objects and controls and a
run-time execution context -
for developing and running applications on a Web server.

ASP.NET in turn is part of the .NET Framework, so that it provides access to
all of the features of that framework.

You can refer to following link for complete details:

[Introduction to ASP.NET Web Applications in Visual Studio]

[Creating ASP.NET Web Applications]




This usuallly comes down to how much you have to spend, and what your
expectations are for the end product.

If you have no budget, you'll end up going with PHP/mySQL regardless of
what we tell you, because you can get a high school kid to build your
whole site for $500. It will basically work but won't scale or run
fast (likely because you'll be using shared $5/mo hosting), and you'll
have to rewrite it from scratch if you ever get funded for real.

If your main concern is scalability, maintanability and data integrity,
you'll want to go with ASP.NET or a Java solution. Personally, I feel
I can develop a lot faster in .NET. But then, I'm posting in a .NET
group and therefore should not be trusted in these matters.

Above a certain amount of complexity, scripted platforms like PHP and
Cold Fusion become prohibitively difficult to maintain. Conversely,
n-tiered Enterprise solutions are a bit overkill for little
brochureware sites. I find that the break even point is about $10k,
above which your total cost of development is about the same with
..NET/Java as it would be with PHP, and your development pace, stability
and scalability are all much better.

In short, do your research (preferably someplace less biased than this
group) and talk with managers that have made these decisions before.

Good luck!

Jason Kester
Expat Software Consulting Services

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