Chess Titans - Incorrectly draws?



A great many of my games in Chess Titans are being recorded as a Draw by the
software. Deciding that the problem *might* be due to something other than
my pathetic abilities, I reviewed the rules of chess here:

Most of the rules regarding draws are in Article 10 at the link above, with
a few references to other articles. By these rules, most if not all of the
draws recorded by the software in my case are incorrect!!

Leaving aside the various rules involving proposal of a draw, since AFAIK
neither player is doing that, then the remaining rules leading to a draw can
be summarized as "50 moves without capture and without movement of a pawn",
"the board appearing in exactly the same state - all pieces in same positions
- three times", "king not in check but no legal move", "limited pieces on
both sides, such as kings only, kings with bishops, kings with bishops &
knights", plus some rules about time limits.

I don't think any of these rules have applied even once, yet I have an equal
number of draws and wins after about ten games.

Is it me, or is something buggy in this game?

Thanks in advance for any replies.


Yes its a known bug. I play on several machines at home and work and it
does exactly the same on all no matter what level you have it set.

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