checking two different cells


Stefan - AW

I have to check what is in two different cells…zero (or nothing “â€) or number
(result of a formula in each cell) and according with the answer, if number I
run a new formula using these two numbers.
If not, I check for two other cells (beside), and repeat the whole
procedure. And so on …
The difficulty is that the columns have different data. Sometime zero (or
nothing “â€), sometime number.
How can I compare them?
A1=0 B1=12 D1=11 E1=0
A2=34 B2=56 D2=0 E2=0
A3=78 B3=0 D3=0 E3=22
A4=0 B4=0 D4=0 E4=0




might be an idea to outline your expected / desired results - it's quite
difficult to comprehend presently.

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