Checkbox, Project, SQL Server



I am running Access 2000 (project frontend) against SQL
Server 2000 (backend).
I have a form with multiple checkboxes. The actual fields
are either "real" or "bit" since there is no Yes/No field
when working with SQL Server.
I can successfully edit a record and check or uncheck the
checkboxes... however, as soon as I make the change, I am
unable to use the navigation buttons to scroll to the next
record in the table!!

If I change the field in question to TextBox (where the
user sees 0 or -1) it will accept the change without a
problem. This only happens when shown as a checkbox.

I have tried using different field types, I have made sure
that everything possible is active and open to data entry,
plus all other normal fields work fine.

Any ideas?? Maybe this is a known problem, but I cannot
find it referenced in the MS Knowledgebase.




Klaus Oberdalhoff [MVP]


yeah, i´ve seen that problem myself.

I don´t remember exactly, but it has something to do with the interpretation of
True and False. In Access True is -1 and False = 0 whereas in SQL-Server True is
1 and False is 0. So if you change the "backend" field to <short> Integer (no
Real, no Bit, no Double) it should work IIRC.

At least this info should help you to find a workaround.

As far as i remember, the problem exists in Access 2000 and Access 2002 - in
Access 2003 it´s fixed, MS said once ...



Dave Stoecker

Klaus, thank you for your reply.

I suspected that what you described was the culprit. Before seeing your
post, I tried changing a checkbox to an option group (values 0,1) so as to
match the bit field values. This worked fine as far as the navigation
buttons were concerned, but for some reason the controls don't display as
"ticked" when the value is set to 1. The field is updated properly, as I
verifed by viewing the table directly. This is the case regardless of
whether the option group type is checkboxes, radio buttons, or toggle
buttons. Strange behavior. It would seem your solution may be the best way
to handle the situation.

Thanks again!

Dave S.

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