CheckBox on a form



I need to create a form that has checkboxes. 10 columns of
different Divisions with 9 rows of hours such as 10-11,
11-12, 12-1 and so on. In each row under each column there
are 10 to 35 checkboxes that each one represents as count
of 1. That "OnClick" it will add 1 to the total at the
bottom of the form.

I hope it makes sense. I have made it Excel now I have to
do it in Access. If you want to see it in Excel I will E-
mail it to you.

Thank you,



Steve Schapel


I would suggest that the first thing you need to do is sort out the
correct table structure for your data. Then, constructing your
forms/subforms will be the next step. Please forget the Excel
worksheet, this will only confuse you. Excel is a spreadsheet
programme, and Access is a database programme, and there is very little
overlap between them, so trying to model your Access work on previously
done Excel work will cause grief for sure.

You might get some good help if you post to the
microsoft.public.access.tablesdbdesign newsgroup, with an outline of
what data you are trying to manage, and what your purpose is.

By the way, just a hint for the future... If you think it is important
to post to more than one newsgroup (in practice, this is seldom
necessary), please cross-post (i.e. address the same message
simultaneously to both groups), rather than multi-post as you have done
here (i.e. send a separate copy of the message to each group). Thanks.

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