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I am comparing data in two adjacent columns, one is the 'expected' values and
one is the 'actual' values. I need to use these to create a final column that
contains the 'approved' values. This will involve manual comparing the
actuals against the expected and selecting/approving which one is to be
approved. I thought to do this using checkboxes in the next column. For each
row if a checkbox is ticked the actuals are approved/unticked the expected
are approved. I thought I could write a macro executed with a command button
once all selections have been made/approvals have been completed.

The macro will check each populated row to see whether the check box is
checked/unchecked and based on this, copy the related value
('actual'/'expected')from one of the adjacent column values to the next
available row in the 'approved' column.

However whilst I have them theory my practical skills are limited and the
only way I have managed to do this is to write a macro for each checkbox/row
specifying cells etc.
If anyone can help of a more automated process, or has a better way of
achieving this, please help!!


Luke M

Rethinking idea:
3rd column, instead of using check boxes, just have user place and "X" or
some other mark. Then somewhere else, have a cell (Say C1) labeled "Check
here when finished)
Then your approved column can simply be


Thanks. You are right in that this does what I need, but I am not making the
spreadsheet for my own use and have been asked for something as user friendly
as possible, so if I can figure it out, I would prefer to use checkboxes. I
figure a click of the mouse is slightly more user friendly than entering
If anyone can help with this it would be greatly appreciated.


In addition I would like to ensure that the user enters comments/reasons
where actuals are rejected in favour of budjeted/expected values. I figure
that with the checkbox theory above I could incorporate a facility so that
where a checkbox is not selected the user could be prompted for input via a
user form. Is this possible?

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