Conditional Formatting a row based on a value in a cell


architect laurie

I apologize for how simple this question probably is. I have created a log
in Excel 2003 to track submittals we receive. These submittals are either
approved, approved as noted, revised and resubmit, or rejected. I have
columns set up to track the dates and names of the submittals as well as a
column for each of the four possible responses. I type an "X" in the
appropriate cell to designate approval status. I have been manually shading
rows yellow for approved and approved as noted, blue for revised and resubmit
and red for rejected and leaving them with no shading if I haven't received
the submittal yet. Is it possible to do this?

Sean Timmons


so, the assumptions:

Rows start at 2 (Row 1 for headers), Date in column A, name in B, responses
in C - G

in A2, format - Conditional formatting

Formula is:

Format as yellow
Format as blue
Format as Red

Copy and paste special/formats to the bottom right of your table.

Should highlight each row accordingly.

Blanks should stay white

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