Check Box & Filter or not


Carl W.

I am not sure if the use of the check box is correct. I am new to forms in
Excel 2007and don't even know how to add multiple items to be checked or if
that is possible.

My scenario is this:
I want to be able to have in cell C1 the ability to select from 5 options
(able to select 1 or more of those). I would like the same options to occur
down the column - C2, C3, etc. After the user selects those options for each
row, I need to be able to filter based on those selections. Ex: show all rows
where Option 2 & 3 were selected.

I need to be able to show all or just the filtered selection in print
version, so I don't want to have to create a new row for each option and
create a much larger print version of the info.

Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

Paul C

Sounds like Data Validation with a filter would be the way to go. (On the
Data Tab - Data Tools section)

You can enter your options as a list and paste the validation all the way

With the filter on (Data Tab - Sort & Filter), you can hide all but the
desired rows. If you data is a continuous block simply clicking the filter
button will probably suffice. If you have skipped rows or columns, you may
need to select your data and headers first.

Carl W.

Thanks Paul, that was helpful, but the list only allows me to have one
selection per row. Is there a way to allow more then one selection per cell?

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