Changing the default message form in Outlook 2007



I’ve designed a Message Form in Outlook 2007 to eliminate To: as a field and
replace it with Bcc in order to protect privacy. I designed my form under
Tools|Forms|Design a Form and it works when I create a new message via
Tools|Forms|Choose a From and I select my form from the Personal Forms
Library. It also works if I choose File| New| Choose Form and I select my
form from the Personal Forms Library. However, I want to have my message form
be my default form when I create a new message. I can’t figure out how to
move my redesigned message into the default position in order that when I do
a CTRL+N the To: field doesn't appear.



Sue Mosher [MVP]

Bad idea. The changes you've made will not prevent the user using the To
property, may cause some messages to be considered as spam, and may cause
problems with attachments for non-Outlook recipients.

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