Changing NIC Speed



In our network are several Window 2000 Pro boxes with Intel NICs. During
connectivity/speed testing after a broadband upgrade we found the following
problem on the W2K boxes.

The speed of of the W2K boxes was half of all other boxes when testing our
broadband connection. If we forced a refresh of the network card driver the
connection speed for Internet connectivity peformed as expected. After a
reboot the speed was reduced to half again. And again, after network card
driver refresh, the speed returned to normal.

No problems with XP boxes. No problems with 2003 servers. All other network
components - cabling, switches, etc - checked and ok'ed.

Any help appreciated.

Tom Morris


sounds like the default drivers for 2k are kicking in and not the ones
you should be using.


Try this (Win2000 must be with SP4 and recent updates):
Setting/Networks and dial-up Conn: Select the NIC, Propierties. Click on
TCP-IP protocol, select Uninstall. Do it and restart. Install again the
IP protocol.

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