Changing color of text added to a cell via a form



Good morning,

I've got a workbook with a form whereby different users add a note to
a given project. On the form, the user identifies themself as a
'Coordinator' or a 'Developer'. Both types of user can add a note to
a project. I've got it programmed so that each note ends with the
users initials (entered via the form) as well as the date and time and
finally a ~ between each note. All of that works well and as many
notes as I want can be added to a cell.

However, I would like to be able to change the color of the text,
depending on what type of user enters the note (e.g., red for
coordinators and blue for developers). When I added that code and
tried it the first time, it worked and it turned just the note I
entered the appropriate color. But when I would enter subsequent
notes, it would turn the text in the entire cell the color of the
given user. I want to be able to see "red ~ blue ~ red ~ blue, etc."
How can I do this? Thanks for any help.



Are the notes saved in cells in the file? Is each note in a separate cell?
What kind of control are you displaying the notes in? Memo field of a form?

I'm not sure I can help with this, but answering these questions would allow
me to try out what you're doing and maybe find a solution.


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