changing color of answer



I'm trying to change the color of my result to a different color based on
which answer a formula brings back. all my answers are in text format. The
formula is below which is just a simple vlookup data proving type.

Cars'!$A$2:$B$152,2,FALSE),VLOOKUP(B7,'Ethanol Cars'!$A$3:$C$499,3,FALSE))))




You can use Conditional Formatting, but you are limited to 3 Conditions (as
far as I know). If you have 3 or less answers this would be the easy way.
Highlight cells, click on Format, Conditional Foramtting, 1st box should say
"Cell Value Is" 2nd box should be set to "equal to", and the 3rd box type in
your criteria. Click on the Format box and select the tab of what you to
"color", If you want the font to change color click on the font tab and pick
your color, or the shading to change, click on Patterns and pick color.
Click "OK" when finished

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