Windows XP Change the way users log on/off

Jul 26, 2008
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Hello. before a day i have reinstalled my windows and now i need to get everything back that was with my older windows. And i encountered a problem in user accounts option. I wanted to turn on the fast user switching, but after i click that turn on box and then apply the settings, it does not work. I mean i have turned on the user switching and when i clicked again "change the way users log on/off", nothing has changed, fast user switching was turned off.

I've been in many forums, but didnt find how to solve the problem. Also i have checked the msgina.dll with a program and it said that msgina is same that came with windows.

please help.

Im using windows xp pro SP2 as OS
Kaspersky 5.0.676 as Anti virus
super anti spyware as Anti spyware program
and a modem for internet connection.

thanks for help.


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