Change the .Net Framework version used by a project?



I can find plenty of instructions for how to do this using Visual
Studio 2008 but not using Visual Studio 2005. Is it possible to do? I
have multiple versions installed on my computer and would like the
ability to downgrade to make the projects in my solution use version
2.0 instead of 3.5.

On a related note, can anyone advise on where to find documentation
for previous versions of the .net framework (similar to Microsoft's
documentation for the latest version 3.5 at

Thanks for any help & merry Xmas.




Mark Fitzpatrick

No. VS 2005 was designed to use the 2.0 framework and that's pretty much it.
No real sense though if you're looking from downgrading from 3.5 to 2.0
since all VS 2005 would be able to downgrade to if it was an option would be

Hope this helps,
Mark Fitzpatrick



bruce barker

there are two components in compiling as application. depending
on how the project settings are done, some part is compiled by vs using
the .net compilers and some by at runtime. vs2005 only knows how
to compile 2.0. knows how to compile based on settimgs
in the web.config.

while 3.5 has no framework changes from 2.0 (thats why you tell
iis its 2.0), it does have new compliers and additional dll's. in the
web config you specify the using the new compilers, and any new dll's
you want.

note: .net 3.5 sp1 does update the framework.

-- bruce (

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