change name of admin folder under documents and settings in win xp home

Sep 22, 2011
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Actually I found a solution, installed netbeans under an other 'temporary' user, using cmd and two new files in C:. I posted this so you don't bother answering and for anyone who may have had any similar problem. :)


I really need to change the administrator's directory under the documents and settings files. I put an exclamation mark on that name while installing windows and now I have problems with some java bugs as the netbean's installation program claims, so I can't install netbeans. Please help, I can't afford any more time re-installing windows.

Or even someone to show me some other solution, because only netbeans had problems so far. I've allready installed avast, tuneup utilities, modelsim for vhdl, nero, realplayer, google chrome and office 2007, jdk/jre 7, no problem so far, and I am all service packed and cool.
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