Change IDE to AHCI, is seen as harware change, so reactivate Vista



..I installed VISTA Home premium on my Laptop, in the BIOS I first had the
option IDE activated and VISTA works fine (product key Genuine and
activated). Now I changed the setting in my Bios to AHCI and then I have to
reactivate my product key (which obvious does not work).

What should I do, I need the AHCI option as the Turbo mem oly works with AHCI.
I wantto be able to make settings in my Bios without reactivating keys

Jane C

Hello Sip,

If Windows requires reactivating after setting AHCI mode, you can use the
"Activate by telephone" option. If activation does not happen
automatically, stay on the line until you get to speak to a real human.


dear sip, you are at the right place , go and clean install your Windows
Vista version, and tell me about it,
thanks bye

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