Certificates (CA) error



"Automatic enrollment against the certification
authority "MY_DOMAIN_NAME" for a certificate of type
DomainController has failed. (0x800706ba) The RPC is
.. Another certification authority will be tried. "

I'm getting this error constantly, but i don't know
exactly what to do! I've been researching looking for a
solution but i'm not sure about what to do, because the
active directory is working on, i need a solution without
create more problems!

Thanks beforehand your help...



Matjaz Ladava [MVP]

First run dcdiag /v and netdiag /v to be sure, that your domain is working
w/o problems. Next locate the computer on which you installed CA server and
check, that you can start CA snap-in. Another thing I would suggest you to
examine is your DNS configuration. Can you post your ipconfig/all from DC's
that is giving you this kind of problems ?


Matjaz Ladava, MCSE (NT4 & 2000), MVP
(e-mail address removed)

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