Certain Data lost from Outlook PST


Mike C

I had to do a reinstall a system. I made sure that all PST files were off
the system and did my work. The PSTs were all August 2008, so they were new.
I am connedct to Outlook through a Lotus utility they creates a MAPI
connection to the Domino Server. When I restored the connection and the PST
files data was missing. For example, within Contacts fields like web site
and email was gone. The only information was name, phone, and address
information. I had also used the text box extensively to record notes,
because I wanted it all to be there at a glance when I looked at the contact
and all that's gone. I hope that is someone out there that is fimilar enough
with both Outlook and the Lotus Note connector utility and can shead a little
light on my problem and let me know if there is anything I can try to recover
data. And if not recover data, at least explain what happened.



Roady [MVP]

Which method of restoring did you use?
Considering that all mail is kept on the mail server, there was no need to
restore anything; just resync with the server.

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