Cells showing formulas instead of results



Please help.
I have a simple spreadsheet with 5 sheets. I need to be
able to change one cell on the first sheet and have the
change show up on all of the sheets. So I simply set the
cell in the other sheets to equal the corresponding cell
in the first sheet. Easy, right?
Some cells work fine, but I have a few that only show the
text of the formula in them, not the result.
The formula itself was made by typing "=" and then
selecting the cell on the first sheet (as opposed to
typing it in manually) so I don't see how the formula can
be wrong. It seems like it has to be a setting for those
particular cells.
Any ideas?





This behaviour could be because:
1). The cell with the formula is formatted as text; or
2). You typed a space or other character before the '=' sign.





If the format on the cell in those 2nd thru 5th sheets are set to "text", they will show up as the formula instead of the result. Is that your situation. Try setting the format on those cells in the 2-5 sheets to number?

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