CE.NET ActiveSync and CompactFramework debugging



I am trying to get a remote debugging session between our CE.NET 4.2
Xscale device and Visual Studio 2003 via ActiveSync or TCP/IP Ethernet.
I can make an autoconnect ActiveSync session with our USB client port
and USB cable (our platform is simular to the Intel lubbock).
ActiveSync is working fine over USB. It connects as Guest only.
I have installed the "Windows CE.NET utilities v1.1 for Visual Studio 2003"

Here is the problem:
I can get it work by doing the following, start SDAuthUtilDevice on the CE

device. Run "Smart Device Authenication Utility" from the tools menu on VS
and putting in the static IP address of the device. Plug in the USB

connection. I have a LAN ethernet connection also. This is the only way I
get it to work.

The Readme for the "Windows CE.NET utilities v1.1 for Visual Studio 2003"

describes a TCP/IP Ethernet only (ActiveSync not required) connection
to what I described above but not using the USB ActiveSync. This method
does not work as described.

I also tried to get a debug session via ActiveSync (USB) only and this also

does not work.

It looks like the "Startup server option" in the VS settings option only

allows "ActiveSync" and the transport only allows "TCP/IP" or "IRDA"

I would like to debug with just USB ActiveSync (as our Ethernet controler

not be populated on our production device). Does it have anything to do with
the "Guest" only ActiveSync connection?
Has anyone gotten this working? or has anyone got just the TCP/IP only




Chris Tacke, eMVP

I use it all the time, but I have had limited success without an ActiveSync
partnership and actice connection - to the point that I don't bother trying
without any longer. Here's what I do:

- Make an AS partnership with USB/Serial
- Disconnect and run repllog /remote and make an Ethernet AS connection
- Run SDAuthUtil on device
- Run SDAuthUtil on PC

And go from there.

A. User

Thanks Chris.
This sound very much like the scenario I got working. but I would very much
like to get JUST and activesync
or JUST an Ethernet session to work. I have not been able to get eather to
I am thinking just an ActiveSync should be possible because isn't that what
a PocketPC PDA uses?



Chris Tacke, eMVP

Just AS works fine for PPC. It rarely works for vanilla CE. Why? Who
knows, but that's how it is.


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