CD (IDE) and DVD (USB) drives nor recognized.



I am trying to get a CD or DVD drive to burn CD's again. Both worked about a
week ago. The CD drive is internal and original. I checked the IDE cable and
reseated them. It does not recognize any CD but will do an eject if I right
click and then press eject. The DVD burner is USB (new Pioneer) and will play
a music CD but when a blank is put in to burn data, it says it is
unrecognized. It will not recognize a data CD either.

I tried the USB DVD in another computer and it works fine. I updated the PC
with the non-working devices with all the latest windows updates, Norton
antivirus software and anti-spyware software and did not notice any
significant issues.

I read in another post to make sure the recording checkbox in properties
were checked and they were.

I read also that recording software could cause a problem (Nero) which was
installed when the USB DVD drive was installed. I did not unistall that
software yet.

Anything else I should look at? Thanks in advance.



Rich Barry

Bob, go here rt column
about 11 down. Restore Dvd/Cd drives to Explorer. Try that fix. If it
doesnt work then try rt clicking MyComputer>select
Properties>Hardware>Device Manager>Dvd/Cdrom drives>your drive. rt click and
choose Unistall. The same with ALL the USB Controllers. Restart
and let XP reinstall them.


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