CD/DVD burning software



Hi All,
I'm looking for a CD/DVD burning software for Vista Beta 2 (build 5384).

Tried Nero 7 (won't install), and Nero 6 (hangs even in compatible mode).

Thank you.

Alan Simpson

You could try what's built into Vista. You can work in multisession mode
with CD and DVD as a filesystem using simple drag-and-drop. Burn audio CDs
with Windows Media Player. Burn DVD videos with DVD Maker.

Chad Harris

As Alan says Vista supports DVD burning, but if you are looking for
something to work on Vista Beta 2 or any future or past builds, I've had no
trouble with Nero 6.6 updated with the latest updates from Nero's site, and
many other people are using it with no problem. I would try to get help in
the groups with your hang problem Maya. Are you having problems installing
it, or using it? Make sure that if you have Nero 6 installed that you go to
Nero's site and apply all the updates available and you may get a different
result. Also I'd defrag, and trim processes and services to maximize your
CPU efficiency.

Vista Beta 1 Service Guide: Part 1

Vista Beta 1 Service Guide: Part 2


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