CD drive thinks it's a floppy drive



I have a cd drive problem. I am using XP sp2. I don't have a floppy drive
on my computer, only a cd drive. But Windows explorer says I don't have a cd
drive, I have a floppy drive. When I put in a cd nothing happens. Is the cd
drive broken?
If this is the wrong forum for this question let me know.


it could be that the cd drive is not connected to
the motherboard correctly or it could simply be

the best way to check is via your bios.

usually by pressin the del key or the f2 key as
soon as you press the power button to on
for you computer,

you can gain access to the bios.

in it there will be readings and settings pertaining to
the hardware connected to the motherboard.

so try "disabling" the floppy and see if you can "enable"
the cd drive.

then save and exit your bios.

on the other hand if the bios doesn't report that a cd is
connected, then double check the connections to the
cd drive.

perhaps they are loose or not connected.

there should be two connections to the cd drive.

one is for power and the other is to transfer data to/from
the motherboard.

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