CD Burning



When I try to burn a cd that was previously burned on another comuter it will
not list the author or album name on my computer. It will only list the
track numbers and will show the artist as 'unknown artist'. How do I get my
windows media player to show the title names?


While in WPM, connect to MSN site and download info about the album... you
can search for the CD too.


Hi, I am hoping you can assist me.

I am trying to copy digital photo's to a CD, but every time I try I keep
receiving the same error message. the system I use is XP SP2.

I have also installed Deep Burner and CD Burner XP Pro3 but these also both
produce the same error message. I have posted this issue on a couple of tech
chat forums but no help I am afraid.

I insert a CD-Rw, blank, and recently purchased (I have tried on several
Cd's to eliminate a dodgy CD)
Found the files and executed 'copy to cd'
executed 'write files to cd'
then I receive the a CD Wizard Message "there was an error in the writing
process. The disc you have attempted to write may no longer be usable".

Please help, I am at a real loss now.

Thank you


Thank you for your ersponse. I am using the built in XP CD Burner. I have
read the link provided, made sure settings were corrcet and reduced the speed
but stil no joy.


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