Catastrophic failure HELP!!



Wow, what ever did I do?

I have been working on this project all day and was about
to quit for the day. When I tried to save the file I get
this message:

SystemError &H8000FFFF(-2147418113). Catastrophic failure

Now I just get 'Document not saved'. I tried exporting
all the sheets, modules and user forms but it won't let
me get all of them either. Not a good way to end a long
day. Any help would be greatly appreciated.



Cliff Myers

I get that error as well and the result has been that while working in the
visual basic editor I leave userform open in the right side window. If I
close the userform then everything is okay, of course this only happens to
me when I am working in Excel97, I don't get the error in 2000.




James Neumann


Couple of possibilities...

1) Ron de Bruin posted the link below a few months ago - this may be
applicable if you are working with 2000.;en-us;264712

2) If you are working in a file stored on a network share, a "blip" in
connectivity can cause this type of problem. It's a rather odd
situation, in that you can manipulate the file, but not save it.
Generally, you get this message when you close the file, although not
always. This just happened to me this AM, and it occaisioned some
pretty strong language...
The only way I've found to avoid that is to work on a local drive,
and save to a network drive frequently. This, however, is not a good
solution for a workbook with a lot of links - in that case, save
frequently, make sure you have a good network card, and hope for the
best. This is something that's happened to me in Excel since version
5.0c, back in 1995.

3) This DOES seem to happen more freqently when working with objects
in the IDE, so it might be wise to save before you make any changes to
a form, or to a module.


James Neumann

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