Capturing movies from Cable TV Channels directly on DVD RW medium



Capturing movies from Cable TV Channels directly on DVD RW medium
The Equipment I have : Pentium IV motherboard 1024MB RAM, ATI Radeon
AIW 8500 DV, Sony DVD RW DRU 540-A
The Software for live TV capture: ATI MMC 7.1, for authoring and
burning DVD: Sonic MyDVD 5, NeroVision Express 3
My Objective: Capture live TV broadcast directly on DVD+R or DVD RW

Each of the above HW or SW components works on my computer system
independently. I can capture a live TV program on HARD DISK in AVI or
mpeg-2 format , using ATI's TV Tuner in the MMC or recorded on VCR
tape using the composite source Option.
Similarly, the NeroVision Express 3 to author and burn TV programs
recorded on my hard disk or on a VCR tape.
But I am interested in using the DVD Writer on my PC for recording
movies directly on a DVD RW medium. This option is available in
NeroVision Express 3. But for this purpose, I need to get the channel
of my choice in the video window of NeroVision Express 3 correctly
functioning. But the TV Tuner in NeroVision gives me a video which is
horizontally half, distorted, black and white.
Is this a problem with the software of Nero orthe video capture driver
(ATI Rage Theatre) being used by me?
Does NeroVision use a different TV Tuner form the one provided in the
ATI card? If it is the same, why should the image on any selected
channel be distorted? And why are the options normally available for
tuning a channel not seen in NeroVision's Video Window which permits
only a choice for the source: TV or Composite or S-Video. Or is there
any way to by-pass the Nero's video window while capturing the video?
I don't see any.

Could Nero go Ahead and advise on how to solve this problem or any
correspondent of this Newsgroup familiar with this problem help?

P. Jayant


Capturing movies from Cable TV Channels directly on DVD RW medium

Why dont you just use a DVD authoring program to create the VOB
files for you and then burn those in nero...

with a system like yours it wont take very long.


this problem is not specific to ATI TV tuner.I use Snapstream and have the same
problem with Nero VisionExpress.
I finally gave up trying to make it work.The help staff at Nero were not very
helpful we exchanged emails for about 2 weeks with me following their
instructions to the letter and finally they did not respond anymore.I got pissed
off cancelled my payment ...boy did they respond fast then but still were not
able to solve the problem and I still have not paid.


What your are attempting to do is at best not recommended if you
really want reliable DVD's. There is really no short cut to the
process of first capturing then burning the DVD using an authoring
program as suggested. Nero may very well have such a program but the
results you get are likely to be all over the board.

If your capture drivers are functioning correctly, (capturing video to
hard disk and watching them with a viewer to make sure that
audio/video are in sync and there are no dropped frames) the ATI card
is doing all it can. That is a big step to get out of the way.

If the TV video looks normal on the mointor, again the card is fine
and NO there is no alternate turner for Nero to use. Nerovision is
software not hardware. Unless you just have countless hours to play
around with this, the direct broadcast to DVD is not relialble

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