Caption is in text box, even though graphic is in line



Working with someone else's document, in Word 2007.

I want to add captions to the figures so I can make use of automatic
cross-referencing. However, one figure is inserted in such a way that every
time I add a caption, it's inserted as a text box. (I also don't get the
Insert Caption option if I right-click...I have to go to the ribbon).

I have read some previous threads and thought I understood that if the
figure is "In line with text", the caption should be inserted normally (not
in a text box). But even when I make the figure in line, the caption is in a
text box.

What can do I do fix this? I really hate working with text boxes.




Stefan Blom

Note that you must change the wrapping style for the picture *before* adding
the caption. Then the caption should also be "in line." If you have already
added the caption, delete it and recreate it.

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