Caps lock does not disengage immediately



On my XP Pro system I find that when I am writing I sometimes go into
capitals by mistake. I'm not exactly sure what I did.

When I press the CAPS LOCK key and the CAPS light goes out on the
keyboard, the keys still type capitals.

Seems like something is holding the caps on. Could be a utility. Or
does XP do this too?


1. Check if any of both Shift Keys are stuck. Try pressing both shift keys 4
to 5 times.
2. If that doesn't help, then open Control Panel - Accessibility Options -
and uncheck all "Sticky Key", "Filter Key" and "Toggle Key". Give a Restart
to your PC and then check.
3. Even if that doesn't help then try a different keyboard and check if the
problem is with your keyboard.

Hope this help, let us know!

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