Can't view files in Recovery Partition of :D drive.



My new Compaq Presario V2000 Laptop has it’s single 40 GB hard drive
partitioned into :C (32 GB) and :D (8 GB) drives. The :D drive is the
recovery partition, which contains 7.06 GB. Windows XP Explorer only lets me
look into the :D drive as far as the 6 main directories. Trying to go any
deeper into the file system on the :D drive produces the message: “ Recovery
Partition – Warning! – This area of your hard disk contains files used for
your system recovery†and further access / viewing is prohibited. How do I
make Windows XP Explorer show the complete file structure under each of the 6
main directories?


You cannot in order to "protect" the partition.

What is the necessity to "explore" the recovery partition?
The recovery procedure should list what is available for recovery - all
programs initially installed.

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