cant partition xp home sp2



I installed a new 40 gig drive and put xp home sp2 on it. I wanted to
partition the drive to speed up operation and to help when doing defrag or
disk scan. During set up I chose the default setting of ntsf file system.
When it came to the point when I could set up partitions I left it as one
drive thinking I could later use disk management to set partitions.

I have tried compmgmt.msc>disk manmagment> it is at this point that I can
see my drives and available space, but there is nothing labeled "unallocated
space" and if I right click the drives I see no options to select "new
partition". The c drive also is not showing the option of format as being

Is there somthing I can do and does anyone have a recommendation of another
partition management tool that may be better for someone who is not
completely familiar with partitioning?



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