Can't open office documents from my emails until word is openned f



When I try to open a word document or excel spreadsheet that is saved as an
attachement to an email, I get the message:
Windows cannot find ‘c:/users/mona/appdata/local\microsoft\windows\temporary
internet files\low\content.IE5\SB2EHHFL\xxx[1].xls\’ Make sure you typed the
name correctly, and then try again.

If I open Word or Excel before clicking on the attachement to open it, then
it works. This problem only happens when using my laptop which is running
Windows Vista and office 2007. I do not have any problems with this on our
desktop which is running XP and office 2003.



Jay Freedman

Word is actually doing you a favor, because if you edit a document that you
opened directly from an attachment and then save, the edits will usually
disappear. See

You should always save the attachment as a real document in a real folder,
and then open that document.

Jay Freedman
Microsoft Word MVP
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