Can't open earlier Word docs - is article 922849 pre-Vista?



(I've re-posted here because I unkowingly posted in Word for Macintosh before)

I've got Office 2007 under Vista. I can't open an old Word
doc. I have read Article #922849 and want to edit the Registry
myself (method 2, Word 2007). The instructions say:

"Locate and then click the following registry subkey:

However, I navigate as far as HKEY_CURRENT_USERS\Software\Policies\Microsoft
but then the only alternatives for the next level are "System Certificates"
or "Windows" - there is no "Office\12.0\Word\Security\FileOpenBlock" as per
the instruction. Does this indicate the Article was written pre-Vista? If
so, where are the instructions I can follow?





Jay Freedman

I can confirm that the default in Vista is that there is no Office
subkey under HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Policies\Microsoft. In order
to create the value that unblocks old files, you will have to create
each of the remaining subkeys.

That is, click the Microsoft node and create the Office key under it.
(Hint: it's quicker to right-click the Microsoft node and left-click
New on the context menu, then click Key in the submenu.) Then click
the Office node and create the 12.0 key under it. Continue one node at
a time until you've created the FileOpenBlock key. Finally, continue
the instructions at step 4.

Jay Freedman
Microsoft Word MVP
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