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Mark Pennington

We have a log-off script running for a Windows 2000 native
domain but I can't find the GPO that runs it. The GPRESULT
app says the scripts are being run from the Default Domain
Policy, but I have been over every setting in that GPO and
can't find any reference to the script that's being run.
I've also checked every setting in the Default Domain
Controllers policy. The Group Policy History in the
registry was no help.

Anyone have any ideas or tricks for finding out where a GP
setting is coming from?



Steven L Umbach

Logoff scripts are user configuration so make sure you check that and it can also be
configured in the local Group Policy. Assuming it is not a local policy you can also
drill down to the sysvol folder/domain name/policies/user/scripts/logoff and look for
them that way. Keep in mind that a Scheduled Task can also be configured to run at
logoff. --- Steve

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