Can't eject USB flask drive if mpg file is stored



Whenever a mpg file is stored in a usb flask drive and is accessed by window
explorer in thumbnail mode ( tried for several usb flask drives), when trying
“Safely remove USB Mass Storage device†I got a message box which says “The
device ‘Generic Volume’ cannot be stopped right now. Try stopping the device
again later"!
Unlocker showed that the mpg file is locked by a file - explorer.exe.
I copy a mpg file to a empty flask drive and find out that:
(1)The problem occur only when the mpg file is accessed by window explorer
in thumbnail mode (detail mode cause no problem), or
(2) The problem occur only when the mpg file is accessed by a program such
as wmp.
(3) The problem happen to mpg file only (avi, mp3 file do not cause this
I have renamed an avi file type to mpg file type and the renamed mpg file do
not cause problem. I t seemed that the problem arised not by the mpg type
name, but the mpg codec construction.

My mpg file have the same codec content as a DVD. My operation system is
windows XP professional with sp3. Do anyone have the same problem?


This has to do with how Windows XP previews files when opened with Explorer.


1. Disable thumbnail view by going to Start/Run/CMD: regsvr32 /u
2. And/or run this edit. This edit prevents high usage when browsing AVI


AVI Search Remove (Line 74)

Manual Edit: Go to Start/Run/Regedit and navigate to the key below and
delete the default data (right pane).



Windows Stops Responding When You Click a Large AVI File in Windows

All the Best and Happy Mardi Gras,

Taskbar Repair Tool Plus!!.htm

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