Can't Delete IE Address Bar History



Help! I have deleted my IE history and cookies, as well
as all temporary files on several occasions but there are
several sites that will not clear from the address bar.
Most of them go away when I clear all the history and
temp files, but every once in a while another one won't
delete from the list, I have even tried going into the
hkey_ files in the registry and trying to delete the
contents of the 'typedurls' folder under internet
explorer but there is no history of the sites there. Any
idea how I can clear them off of my address bar? Thanks!

Jim Byrd

Hi Jeffery - Probably still in History|Index.dat. See the Note:, below.

To delete ALL Addresses in the Drop Down list, go here and download and
install Mike Burgess' DelTypedURL.inf at See below for Selective Delete.

You can also get DelSearchMRU.inf at

Note: this does not remove entries entered via AutoComplete. To remove
hidden AutoComplete entries in History:

IMPORTANT NOTE: Be sure that ALL instances of IE6 are CLOSED before you do
the install of this (these) .inf files. Otherwise the "old" entries will
just be re-written back to the Registry when you close IE.

A nice alternative just for selective or all Address (not Search) history
maintenance is EditURLs, here: Here also,
you must close ALL instances of IE6 for the deletions to "take".

Please respond in the same thread.
Regards, Jim Byrd, MS-MVP


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