Can't connect wireless from a Win98 PC


il barbi

I'm trying to connect a PC with Win98 by means of device D-Link DWL-G122 to
a WLAN managed by wireless router D-Link DI-524 (managing also 2 PCs with
WinXP on a LAN) and I don't succeed in pinging the PC notwithstanding the
icon on tray bar says it is connected. Now:
1) by running the configuration utility of DWL adapter I set:
mode Infrastructure, channel 6, no encryption for now
2) by running the configuration utility of the router I set:
Wireless enabled, channel 6
3) in Control Panel - Network - TCP-IP Dlink adapter - properties:
Primary access = client for MS networks;
Configuration: DNS deactivated, IP address automatically provided by DHCP,
WINS config = from DHCP, gateway = IP address of router; Netbios cannot be
enabled (gray square)
Identification: Workgroup= the same of the other PCs
Access control: sharing level
4) from ipconfig /all I get:
IP config. Win98: server DNS=nothing, Node type=transmission, Scope ID
Netbios=nothing, IP routing enabled=nothing, WINS proxy enabled=nothing,
resolution of Netbios by DNS=nothing
Ethernet adapter (namely DWL): desc.=PPP adapter, physic Id =
"DEST", DHCP enabled=yes, gateway=IP address of router, server WINS=nothing,
address assignment=nothing
5) lastly I disabled firewall and antivirus

-- When starting the PC, I see on the DWL adapter the link light on and
activity light blinking, but as soon as the icons appear on the desktop the
activity light goes off - and then pinging gets no answer
Someone can help? Is there any problem in mixing WinXP and Win98 on a
il barbi



Jack \(MVP-Networking\).

If the Wireless card is configured correctly and working there should not be
a problem with using Win98SE on the same network as WinXP Win2000 and Vista.
Is the USB Card looks OK in the Device manager?
Does it actually obtains an IP?
If both of the above are PK, can you use the Internet from the Win98
As a frame of reference,
In the middle of this page there some info about Win98 Sharing,
Jack (MVP-Networking).

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