Can't browse or share printer over wireless network



Hi All,

I need help solving a mystery.

I have a customer with a laptop and a desktop.
They are connected together and to the Internet
through a wireless network. Both can
surf the Internet perfectly.

The AP/Router is a USR 5461 with the latest
firmware; the laptop is a Centrino (with the Intel
wireless card); the desktop is Ethernet connected
to an external D-Link DWL-3150, 802.11g Wireless G Bridge.

The desktop use to have an internal USR5417
PCI adapter, but I removed it after the USR driver
crashed winsock. (USR makes really crappy drivers.)
There was no symptom change after switching to
the (external) D-Link DWL-3150

The printer to be shared is on the desktop.
Both computers are XP-Pro-SP2.

I have both TCP/IP and NetBEUI installed.
Both workgroup names are identical)

When I connected the two computers directly
together with an Ethernet crossover cable,
I can print perfectly over the crossover cable
from the laptop to the desktop. And,
I can do this with both computers
security software running. So far so good.

But, when I re-hook the wireless, neither
can see each other, with or without both firewalls
and antivirus on or off. They can not see
each other in network browse -- they only see
themselves. I can not force the issue with "search" and
manually placing each other name in the the search

In the laptop's printer server properties, I
can not manually add a port with the path
to the desktop's printer.


I am suspecting the USR 5461. But, I really
don't want to invest in a replacement (D-Link DIR-655)
until I know for sure.

Anyone have any suggestions?

Many thanks,


Robert said:
Are they in the same subnet? Posting the result of ipconfig /all here
may help. (24)
I do not have ipconfig /all, as the customer is out of town for
a week.

It does not work with NetBEUI either

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