can't access newsgroups



hi as of today i can't access newsgroups via outlook (2002) - view /
goto / news - keep getting error message
mismn has caused an error in msoe.dll
have restarted .. done a repair of office - still no good.

help please - can't live without newsgroup access :)


Roady [MVP]

Hi JulieD

The newsreader is part of Internet Explorer not Outlook so a repair won't
help in practically all cases.

Make sure you're running Internet Explorer 6SP1 with the latest updates
installed as well.

If it still doesn't work afterwards it's better that you post this in an
Outlook Express newsgroup. Don't forget to mention your operating system and
tell them that's you've got IE6SP1 installed with the latest updates.

Here is the link for the right forum

Good Luck!

Roady [MVP]
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