cant access https sites



I am suddenly unable to access "https" (secured) sites,
this appears to also be true with the windows update
site. All other sites are accessable. I have checked the
internet options/advanced tab and made sure that the SSL
2.0, SSL 3.0 and TLS 1.0 options are checked. I have also
tried changing the security settings to LOW but to no
avail. I have been told that there was some type of
mention of this problem in one of the forums and it had
to do with windows update, but I have been unable to find
any reference to it.This happened very suddenly and am
unsure what has changed...any help would be greatly
appreciated. thanks,



My suggestion would be to go back into ie options security
tab and set each to default level, then check the privacy
tab make sure that it is set to medium, on the same tab
you have a edit web site button make sure nothing is
blocked in there, on the advance tab restore defaults,
delete cookies, temp internet files including offline, and

Hope this helps..

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