Canon MP780 Fax



Occasionally I get a fax from the hospital. I don't get enough
practice to get it right.

My fax machine is supposed to have an auto detect mode and a manual
mode. I can never get them to work.

When a fax comes in, I try to hit "black" which is supposed to be how
to get a fax in manual mode, but it never works.

I end up having to put the machine in Fax only mode to get a fax.

Any suggestions on what I could be doing wrong to get a manual fax or
any special instructions to be able to use it in auto detect mode?


Are you only switching on after call has come in; or is it not
responding when fax is on??

In LCD is it showing tel/fax or fax only, or something similar?

Have you, assuming phone is plugged in on same socket, tried answering
on phone, then pressing
START button?


Since auto detect doesn't seem to work right, I would be nice to use
manual mode.
I have the fax set to manual mode. Since I have to call and tell
someone I am waiting for a fax, I have tried to press "black" when the
phone rings. That doesn't work. I have also pickup the receiver and
then press "black" That doesn't work either.

What is the correct combination? I would think pick up the receiver
to listen for the tone and then press "black" on the fax.

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