Cannot specify page to print (when print in IE no email header) 20




I am using Outlook 2007 and cannot specify page to print. I tried open in
browser before print out but new problem arise, it has no email header (From:
To: Subject: Date:). This is important because we do keep many email history
in hardcopy format (especially for legal purposes).

Please advice.


You can fix this issue if you use a third party addin:

Savvisoft have released Blueprint for Outlook Basic edition, an addin for
Outlook which has been designed to simply enable you to reduce paper usage.
As part of this, Blueprint enables you to select part of a message and print
it whilst still retaining all the usual header information.

For more information and a free evaluation download, please visit:

Kind Regards

Hayden Saveal
Savvisoft Ltd.


Thanks Hayden, I would try your recommendation but I prefer not.

Microsoft should provide a solution for this as a patch (free of charge).
This is not make any sense for MS customers to spend more money to buy such
this feature from 3rd party.

I need MS to say something about the patch to solve this problem.

Diane Poremsky [MVP]

no there is no other option, especially with Outlook 2007. Other versions
uses different printing engines depending on the message format - so you can
change a message to HTML to so you can use IE's printing options.

Diane Poremsky [MVP]

Don't hold your breath waiting for fix from MS. The Outlook editor has
always worked like this. The only saving grace with older versions was that
HTML messages used IE for rendering and therefore, used IE's printing
options - giving us a work around.

Blueprint and are the best bets with Outlook 2007.

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