Cannot Shut Down my WinXP



Hi there,

I am facing an eerie problem. When I click on Shutdown, Restart, and
standby buttons, nothing happens. As a result, I cannot restart or shutdown
my computer. The only way i can do it is to click on Log off button and then
switch users. Once on the welcome screen, I can click on 'turnoff the
compouter' link to shut down or restart my computer.

I would appreciate your help and time.

Thank you



Michael Solomon \(MS-MVP\)

First, be sure your antivirus software has the latest definitions and run a
virus scan.

Second, download, install and run Ad Aware:

If this is a relatively recent issue, you might try using System Restore to
take you back to a time when this worked properly. Start\All
Programs\Accessories\System Tools\System Restore. If that doesn't resolve
it, try the information below.

The following assumes you have an actual XP CD as opposed to a restore CD or
restore partition supplied by your PC manufacturer.

Go to Start, type sfc /scannow in the run box and press enter. Note, there
is a space between sfc and the forward slash. You will be asked for your XP
CD. Be aware, upon inserting the CD the XP setup screen may appear, this is
not a part of sfc /scannow, rather it is being invoked by autorun. Simply
minimize the screen and allow sfc to continue.

If the above fails to resolve the issue, try a repair install as follows:

Be sure you are well backed up in case there is a problem from which you are
unable to recover. NOTE, while a repair install should leave your data
files intact, if something goes wrong during the repair install, you may be
forced to start over and do a clean install of XP. If you don't have your
data backed up, you would lose your data should that eventuality occur.

Assuming your system is set to boot from the CD-ROM drive, boot with the XP
CD in the drive. If it isn't or you are not sure, you need to enter the
system's BIOS. When you boot the system, the first screen usually has
instructions that if you wish to enter setup press a specific key, when you
see that, do so. Then you will have to navigate to the boot sequence, if
the CD-ROM drive is not first line, set it first in the boot sequence. Save
your settings and exit with the XP CD in the drive. The system will reboot.

Boot from the CD. If your system is set to be able to boot from the CD, it
should detect the disk and give a brief message, during the boot up, if you
wish to boot from the CD press any key.

Once you have pressed a key, setup should begin. You will see a reference
asking if you need to load special drivers and another notice that if you
wish to begin the ASR (Automatic Recovery Console) depress F2. Just let
setup run past all of that. It will continue to load files and drivers.

Then it will bring you to a screen. Eventually, you will come to a screen
with the option to (1) setup Windows or (2) Repair Windows Installation
using the Recovery console.

The first option, to setup Windows is the one you want and requires you to
press enter. When asked, press F8 to accept the end user agreement. Setup
will then search for previous versions of Windows. Upon finding your
version, it will ask if you wish to Repair your current installation or
install fresh. Press R, that will run a repair installation. From there
on, follow the screens.


Dear Mr. Solomon,

I followed you suggestions to the latter, but my problem is still not fixed.
However, I believe that I know the casue of this problem, but don;t know how
to solve it.

Whenever I press Alt+Tab to navigate between the windows, I see a window
with following details: "Copyright AC SOFT 2002-2004 (www.acsoft...." If i
select this windows, nothing opens, closes, or happens. I tried to turn of
this application theough task manager, but there is no application running
with this name. I tried to see if there is anything in ADD/Remove, however,
there was nothing.

I ran Ad-Ware, spybot, and my Mcafee antivirus, but they didn;t detect
anything. Hence, I would appreciate if youc an tell me what to do next.

I appreicate your help and time. Kind Regards and Thank you


Dear Solomon,

Just wanted to let you know that my problem is solved. There was a trojan
running in the background that did not allow me to restart. My virus Scan did
not detect it, but I read an Mcafee website about the new trojans and
realized that my computrer was affected. Now, I have successfully removed
the trojan and windows is working fine now.

thanks again for your help and time.

Kind Regards


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