Cannot open PDF file that is attached to digitally signed xls file asan object - Excel 2007




I have some payment approval request xls file. In this document, there
is a PDF file attached as object (invoice). As long as this document
is not digitally signed, I can open the attached PDF file by clicking
on its icon or first page preview. However, when first person sign
this document, I am no longer able to open it I can only see the icon
(or preview). I don't understand why. I just want to read what is in
this PDF document, not change its content so it should not have any
influence to digital signature. I tried the same in DOC - I attached
PDF file as object to word document and later I had no problem with
opening this PDF even after this DOC was digitally signed. So why it
does not work in excel? Can I make some settings that would allow me
to open attached PDF files in signed excel documents? Because of some
calculations, I need to use xls..

Thanks in advance for any help!


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