Cannot map LPT port to network printer



net use lpt3 \\server\printer /persistent:yes results in System error 66,
network resource type is not correct. If I net view \\server the printer is
listed fine and I can use the printer from windows apps such as word. Any
help would be appreciated.

Client that I am trying to map is WinXP Pro SP2 logged into Win2000 Server
with domain admin account.

Thank you
Regards, James




I worked it out. It is amazing that KB articles can leave out characters
that are imperitive when giving command strings.

In case it helps someone else.

You must use net use lpt3: "\\server\printer" /persistent:yes

Note the colon and conversation marks that are not shown in the KB




Pegasus \(MVP\)

In your command

net use lpt3: "\\server\printer" /persistent:yes

the double quotes are only required if any of the names have
embedded spaces:

net use lpt3: \\server\Hr Printer"

The switch "/persistent:yes" is not required. If you had quoted
the true name of your printer, which most likely contains a space,
then someone would have mentioned the double-quote rule. It is,
in fact, a global rule for all names under Windows (and Unix).

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