cannot make system partition into C drive



Previous setup
(1) 80 gig hard drive w/ (3) partitions:
1-partition was c: drive with o/s
1-partition was f: drive with working files
1-partition was x: drive with swap file
computer o/s crashed
Luckily I had a backup of the o/s on a 30 gig drive. The other paritions
were not affected, even tho that info is backup up on an USB drive.
I was in a time crunch, so I put this 30 gig hard drive in with the 80 gig
drive. Went into computer management and made sure that the parition
mappings were right and I made the 80 gig c drive a Y: drive and formated it
(o/s was corrupt).
Since then I "Ghost" the information over from the 30 gig to the 80 gig and
booted up the system. System booted up, but what should have been the C:
drive was now the Y: drive. Since then I put an extra hard drive in the
system, along with the backup 30 gig drive, and the system recognized it as
a D: drive. I then put an operating system on it, and took the 30 gig drive
out and put in the 80 gig drive. The computer booted up and recoginized the
extra drive as D:, as well as the mappings for the 80 gig drive. I went
into computer management and changed the drive mapping, on the 80 gig drive,
to C:. I took out the extra drive, just leaving the 80 gig, and booted up
the system. It recognized it still as the Y: drive.

Hope you understand this. Other than f-disk/repartitioning the 80 gig
drive, is there a way to get the first partition of the 80 gig drive, mapped
to C: instead of Y:?



probably a better idea to put the swap file on the main partition c and to
manually set it for maybe a min of 2 and a max of 1300 (eg, 1.3 gigabytes)

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